About Station X

Back Then

Station X is a follow on project from an idea that came about in the early 90's. The Australian Commercial radio landscape was very rock oriented at the time and change needed to be done in a very subtle way. Early efforts in this area were conducted under the name 95.7 Hot Fm (with the efforts of a few mates) in 1994. These efforts led to a few years of Temporary Community Radio broadcasts. Station X came along in 1998 after rising from the ashes of a take over in the control of Hott FM Ltd. Station X enjoyed a short life as an aspirant Community Broadcaster on the Gold Coast using 102.9 FM prior to 2001. This was discontinued due to not being given a fulltime community license by the ABA. Today the frequency is used by Hot Tomato.

Somewhere in the middle

The radio landscape has changed quite a lot in Australia since those days. So much has changed it's astounding! Everything has moved on including what people accept as mainstream music to the technology they use to listen on. Smart phones, internet streaming & blue tooth connectivity in cars have all tested the traditional model for broadcasting. It's at the point now where it is a fair question to ask - is a traditional "terrestrial broadcast license" worth the money? Improvements in areas such as equipment availability, suppliers & pricing have all made setting up a small station easier and cheaper to do! With the internet offering world wide as well as local coverage streaming can reach the far corners of the world in full quality! 

Today Station X functions as a small privately owned operation there is no intention to take on the majors head on! Rather the intention is to offer something that they can't (or will not due to their financial commitments). Station X is not operated with the intention of obtaining a full time community license as it did in it's past. Today it's operated purely because I like doing it and I hope you guys enjoy it too!


Station X finds it's self at home in the North West area of NSW. With operations conducted from Wee Waa (Australia's Cotton Capital). This came about due to various license acquisitions, identifying a massive hole in the local market and the desire to leave the city rat race behind. It is hoped that efforts will be well supported given a fair amount of settle in time.


About The Greatest Hits Music Policy

The original Good or Bad Music Policy (as seen by me) has served Station X well for years. However a further decision to narrow the playlist has given birth to the Greatest Hits format. The main format is 1955's to 2005 hits. Station X sails very close to the "traditional gold format" but doesn't stay with just the REALLY SAFE tracks. You will find a few tracks not usually played in a "traditionally SAFE gold format".

Preference is always given towards Australian versions of any tracks played as I'm keenly aware Station X is representing Australia on the global stage via the internet. The emails from home sick Aussies still pour in every now and then. It is hoped you will find something here that a "traditionally SAFE gold format" can't or will not give you. The music selection is totally done by me (a mobile DJ and AV guy for years). If you agree please show your support by listening as much as you can and tell your friends.

Thanks for reading!

Peter Tate (aka Party Pete)