Moving to a new home is never a straight forward affair! There has been rediculas dramas at every turn with the top issue being getting ph lines connected. This is not a problem of location rather more of an issue with call centres in the Philippines.

For the main part the move is largely done. This means Station X (and all sister stations) are back on and operational as far as the internet is concerned.

It's welcome back to Station X - Broadcasting From Australia's Cotton Capital....

There is plenty to do in getting "actual signals" on air in the local area. If you are in the Wee Waa - Moree - Narrabri areas watch out on 1611 AM (Wee Waa) and 1629 AM (Moree). Discussions are underway with various people to get these running. It's hoped that over time we can boost the Wee Waa signal to include Narrabri "reliably".

For more info best to get in touch..